• What is bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a virtual currency that will allow you to pay for products and / or services. As simple as that! Every day more and more virtual and physical stores are beginning to accept bitcoin as a payment method. Paying with bitcoin is 100% anonymous and secure. It is not controlled by any government or entity.

  • What is its value?

    The bitcoin has an own value that changes constantly. Right now, 1 bitcoin equals 8686 US. Dollars.
    As you can see, 1 bitcoin is a lot of money, that is why transactions in bitcoin are usually very low values, because the exchange rate is so high that when someone wants to pay, for example, 100 US. Dollars, they are just 0.0115 bitcoins.

 How to get bitcoins?

If you intend to hire or have already hired a service with us, you will need to get bitcoins to pay for it.
There are many websites on the internet where anyone can buy or sell bitcoins.
We have selected the options that we consider the best and easiest and have made a step-by-step tutorial for you.

In order to read the instructions, choose below the payment method you would like to use to pay for the bitcoins. Don’t get confused with this. You will pay us with bitcoins, but you must first buy the bitcoins to be able to pay us later. Just below this text, you can see a menu with 3 tabs saying: “Credit card”“Transfer / Deposit”, and “Other methods”. Click on the tab you prefer depending on the payment method you wish to use to buy the bitcoins and you will be able to read the instructions. If you have any problem with the selected payment method, then click on another tab and try with another one, or contact us and ask us for our support.

 Credit card
 Transfer / Deposit
 Other methods

 Buy bitcoins with credit card

If you own a credit or debit card with enough balance to pay for our service, this may be the most convenient way to buy the bitcoins, but you must meet certain requirements that we mention below. If you do not comply with any of them or if you have any problem during the process, then we suggest you to buy the bitcoins by using another payment method.


  •  It must be a  Visa or  MasterCard. Another type of card would be rejected.
  •  It must be your own card. You can’t use a card that has not been issued in your own name.
  •  Use your own private internet connection from your home or cell phone. Do not use the internet from public places such as hotels, restaurants, or cafes.
  •  Your card must be issued in the same country where you live and where you are right now. If your card is from another country or if you are currently travelling outside of your country, your payment will be rejected.
  •  Step N. 1

    First of all, you will need a bitcoin account. They are usually known as ‘wallets’ because that is what they are: virtual wallets where you can receive, store and send your bitcoins.

    It is not our intention to do a long and boring tutorial, since you probably do not care about all this, then we will go straight to the point.
    To create your own bitcoin wallet, go to:

    Upon entering, a new bitcoin wallet will be automatically generated and 2 data will be shown:

    •  Public Address (SHARE) – This will be your bitcoin account address. It consist of 34 letters and numbers. Your bitcoin address will be like your account number. You will need to share it with anyone willing to send you bitcoins.
    •  Private Key (SECRET) – This is your account password. For this reason it is secret, because if you share this password with someone else, they can take your bitcoins out of your account.

    You must write down these 2 data and do not lose them. If you lose them, it will not be possible to recover them. Please copy and save them in a text document on your PC or phone and if possible also print the page or write them on a piece of paper for added safety.
    Respect the uppercase and lowercase letters of both the bitcoin address and the private key. They are case sensitive.

    Congratulations! Now you have your own bitcoin wallet. Have you seen how easy it was?

  •  Step N. 2

    Now that you have your wallet, you must buy the bitcoins. To do it, go to:

    Through this website, you will be able to buy bitcoins with your credit or debit card.

  •  Step N. 3
     When buying bitcoins, the payment processor will charge you a commission for the sale of bitcoins, so you will have to pay a little more money, about 10%.

    Once inside the website previously indicated, you will be asked how much bitcoins you want to buy.

    The first box, the one that says BTC, must be completely ignored. Don’t worry about it. It’s an irrelevant information for you.
    In the second box, where it says “EUR”, you must click over the letters EUR and change them for the option that says “USD”, while the value, where it currently says “120”, must be changed for your service price. It means, the price you have to pay us that will depend on the service you have hired.
    Remember that the seller will charge a commission for the sale of the bitcoins which is about 10%, so you will have to add this fee. To calculate what is the amount you must buy plus 10%, just take the calculator and multiply the amount you want to buy by 1.10 and the result will be the total amount you have to buy including the commission.
    Finally, in the last box, where it says “Bitcoin address”, you must write your bitcoin address (the “Public Address” generated in Step N.1, remember?).

    If the form has been already filled as explained above, then click on the blue button that says “Go To Checkout”.

  •  Step N. 4

    Now you will be redirected to the payment processor’s page.
    In this page you will be asked for your credit or debit card information and for some personal details.

    We will not see this information. You are not making a direct transaction with Spooldataminer. What you are doing is buying bitcoins through PAXFUL and the payment processor Simplex, both legal companies registered in the European Union. Thousands of people around the world use this system daily. It is not something strange or illegal. It is totally safe and legal. There is no possibility that you are related to us. Once you have bought the bitcoins, your payment to us with bitcoin is 100% anonymous and confidential since bitcoin is anonymous.

    The credit/debit card and personal information asked on the form is very basic and easy to fill, but in case of any doubt or problem at this point, just contact with us and feel free to ask whatever you want.

    After the form has been completely filled (remember also to check the box to accept the terms and conditions), click over the green button that says “Pay Now”.

  •  Step N. 5

    If everything went well, your card will be charged and the purchase will appear as “Buypaxful” or “Simplex_paxful” in your card statement

    The payment processor, called Simplex, is going to send a message to the email address you wrote in the previous step with a link to verify it.
    Log in to your email and if you can’t see any message from Simplex in your inbox, check also your SPAM folder since the message could have arrived on there.
    Once you have seen the message in your email, click on the confirmation link.

    They will also send an SMS with a 4-digit confirmation code to your phone number. You will have to write this code on the confirmation box and click over the green button that says “Verify”.

    When both email and phone have been verified, click over the green button that says “Continue”.

  •  Step N. 6

    The process is almost finished. In the last step, you will have to upload an image of your identity document. This is purely for your own security, to verify that the person who is making the transaction is really the owner of the card. Remember that you are dealing with a legal company registered in the European Union that must comply with data protection laws. You should not worry about your anonymity because it will never be at risk. We are independent of the payment processor and we will not see that information nor we care.

    After uploading your identity document, your transaction will be reviewed and usually approved within a few hours as much.
    Simplex will send you a message to your email informing you that your payment was actually approved and that the money has already been sent to your wallet, or in case your payment is rejected they will also inform you by email and, of course, the money will be immediately returned to your card. But usually everything is fine.
    Just keep an eye on your email while waiting for the Simplex message, and remember to check also your spam folder since their messages could arrive on there.

    In order to avoid any problem with your document verification, we highly suggest you to upload a good quality picture. Make sure the image is clear and large (not thumbnails), all data should be readable and without shadows or blurred parts.

  •  Step N. 7

    You may be wondering how to get into your bitcoin account. Where can you see the balance to verify that you actually received the bitcoins you just bought? How to send the bitcoins from your account to ours when it comes the time to pay for the service?
    All right. Do not worry. Your doubts are normal and here we will answer everything.

    To be able to verify the balance and transactions registered in your bitcoin account, simply type your bitcoin address in the box below and click on the button that says “Check”.

    After doing so, a new page will open where you will be shown all the information related to your bitcoin account. You will see that the “Number of transactions”, the “Total received”, and the “Final balance” are mentioned.

    If the bitcoin purchase hasn’t been completed yet, you will notice that your account will be in 0, since it’s a new account, recently created, that hasn’t neither received any money nor done any transaction, but after to purchase the bitcoins, when your payment has been approved by Simplex and the bitcoins sent out by them to your account, you will be able to see the transaction and the balance.

    To send those bitcoins from your account to a different account could be a bit difficult, especially for people new to bitcoin. That is why if you have already hired a service with us and it is the time to pay for it, to avoid this tutorial having more steps and be longer and more difficult, simply send us the data of your bitcoin account.

    Do you remember that in Step No. 1 you created your bitcoin account and 2 data were generated: the public address and the private key? Well, if you send us these two data, we can take the bitcoins on your account and receive our payment, and in this way, we take away from you the work of having to send them.

    If at any other time you want to hire another new service with us or create a new bitcoin account for any reason, you can create as many bitcoin accounts as you wish through the same page that we have mentioned in Step No. 1.